Mission & Objectives

Our Mission

Age and Gender Equity in the Arts (AGE) is a social justice organization that advances equity for women across the lifespan in theatre through direct incentives, advocacy, and community engagement .

Our Objectives

    • To create a movement for social justice which revolutionizes age and gender equity. AGE solicits active involvement from women and men of all ages. Equity is a collective cause.
    • To challenge the stereotypes and prejudices about aging and gender that result in qualitative and quantitative disadvantages for women in the performing arts as they move through the life span.
    • To raise consciousness about the power of language and its social consequences. Slurs and derogatory references toward women perpetuate violence and oppression. Sexist and ageist language deserves the same level of discernment as racial slurs and hate speech. Language is a powerful medium in the performing arts. AGE strives to make sexist and ageist language non-normative.
    • To promote dignity and safety for women by raising awareness about gratuitous violence against women in the arts.
    • To promote the creation of new works that portray women as strong, autonomous, and accomplished — traits which are not mutually exclusive of traditional feminine attributes and values.
    • To raise awareness about age and gender as it relates to diversity and inclusion for all underrepresented groups.

Age and Gender Equity in the Arts grants awards that recognize theatre entities that promote and exhibit structural, systemic and sustainable solutions to age and gender balance in their programming, leadership and casting.