AGE in the Arts Awards Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2017 Age & Gender Equity (AGE) in the Arts Awards.

Real change takes time. Gender bias is deeply rooted in our culture and it will take time to make structural and sustainable changes that transcend tokenism. All efforts are lauded and valued. In that spirit, AGE invites you to be part of the solution to advance equity for women of all ages in the theatre arts, and your application will be reviewed as a creative work-in-progress.

The 2017 AGE in the Arts Awards application window is
March 20-May 1, 2017.

Information about our application Guidelines and the AGE in the Arts Awards process can be found here. Please carefully review the Guidelines and each of the following steps required to submit your application:

  1. CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE APPLICATION and save it to your computer.
  2. Complete all application form fields.
  3. Save the completed PDF document with your company name in the filename. (For example, if your company name is “Portland Arts Group,” name the file AGE-in-the-arts-award-app_50117 Portland Arts Group.pdf.)
  4. Prepare all supporting document files for submission in PDF file format with your company name. (See above for a naming example.)
  5. Submit fully completed application and all supporting documents in PDF format via email to by 5:00pm Monday, May 1, 2017

Please contact AGE with any additional questions prior to the submission deadline:

Jane Vogel
Executive Director, Board President

Karla Mason Smith
Senior Project Consultant