WXE Lead

A global call to action for sustainable gender parity

Launch Date
March 2020


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WXE Lead Project is a global call to action for sustainable gender parity. The goal is at least 50% representation of people who self-identify as women in leadership across industries.

WXE Lead champions all self-identified women with attention to age, race, and LGBTQ+.

Did you know?
There is a direct relationship between the lack of women in leadership and the high rate of sexual harassment and assault against women.

The lack of equity for women is a global human rights issue. It denies women the opportunity to achieve their full potential, resulting in adverse social, economic, political, and health consequences. We can’t fully prosper when 50% of humanity is marginalized and devalued.

Why now?
Women face inequity and adversity across most industries including the arts, sports, business, academia, health care, and social justice. WXE Lead builds on the momentum of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, raising awareness and acting on the urgency for change.

It matters because…
The glass ceiling is real. Women make up less than 23% of the US Congress. Fewer than 23% of plays produced in the US are written by women. Women hold 11% of the highest paid jobs. Women hold less than 10% of the top corporate executive positions. Zero women are in the top 10 highest paid athletes.

WXE Lead calls for a new paradigm based on equity for everyone. A balance of women in leadership serves to make humanity healthier and more sustainable.

The WXE Lead Project champions gender parity with intersection of race and gender fluidity

The first step to action is raising awareness.