AGE is a Gift – Carmen Sylvester

AGE is a Gift
Spotlight on Carmen Sylvester

AGE would like to take a moment to introduce you to an extraordinary woman, Carmen Sylvester.  In 1973, she became the first African American female police officer in the city of Portland and in the state of Oregon.  She was among the first female officers to have an actual patrol which was a departure from the desk assignments typically relegated to woman at that time.  During her 26 years on the force, Ms. Sylvester served in many capacities but her most treasured moments were serving as “Officer Friendly” in the Portland Public Schools and touring the Portland Parks in the Crime Prevention Van during the summer months.  While she marked bikes, kids could tour the bus where they learned about ways to prevent crime and how to avoid “Stranger Danger”.

Not only was she an outstanding Officer of the Peace, she was an incredible mother to four daughters.  Believing in a sound education, she provided her children with 12 years each of private instruction.  On a single, yet meager salary and support from her ‘village”, Ms. Sylvester accomplished her goal by providing a total of 48 years of quality private education!  We honor Carmen Sylvester for her service to the City of Portland and to her family.   She is a historic trail blazer who paved the way for many more women of color to become Portland Police Officers.  She served her community with devotion and compassion and became a fire brand of unlimited possibilities for her daughters as she endeavored to provide them with what she believed to be the best treasures of all…family, faith, hope, love, education, and a heart of service.  Thank you, Ms. Sylvester!