“Sometimes we are blessed with being able to choose the time, and the arena, and the manner of our revolution, but more usually we must do battle where we are standing.”   -Audre Lorde



The AGE Theatre Collective is excited to launch its Bridging the Collective Program for 2020. AGE will connect BIPOC women and non-binary artists in Portland’s community with national BIPOC women and non-binary leaders. The goal of this program is to bridge a collective experience between emerging artists in our community and industry leaders that fosters collaboration and accessibility for BIPOC artists. We seek to provide an anti-racist, non-patriarchal, LGBTQ+ affirming space to authentically discuss avenues for leadership, and ways to challenge the predominantly white patriarchal structures in the arts and the challenges presented to the BIPOC community. 

Our program leads with equity. We commit to providing our national partners fair and equitable pay for their time and leadership and is free for all participating BIPOC artists and arts contributors. 


Everyone was thoughtfully paired by a committee who is consciously intended to mirror the community we are pairing. We took careful consideration of everything shared in the submissions, brainstormed, dreamed, and directly outreached to National Theater Leaders whom we thought would be an ideal match for each participant. We were honored to have Lanise Antoine Shelley join the BTC TEAM to lend her insights to the Pairing Committee.


“As artists we commit to exploring how we can rewire historical oppressions, conversations and practices all while formulating our own trajectory and re-routing our educational lineage. Thank you for joining us on this journey.”

Justin Charles –           
Minita Gandhi –
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The AGE Theatre Collective, based in Portland, amplifies the resiliency of BIPOC artists who identify as women and non-binary. The Collective supports the artistic empowerment and professional development of our diverse communities. We do so through gatherings, workshops, info sessions, and intergenerational mentorship programs. If you are interested in the greater AGE Theatre Collective, please contact

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