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Our sincere thanks to all those who generously support Advance Gender Equity in the Arts. You help make our mission a reality: to promote an equitable, resonant and dignified voice for every member of the performing arts throughout their lifespan.

We thank the many individual donors who give at every level to support AGE in action, including the AGE in the Arts Awards, community outreach, and special events.

We express, too, our deepest gratitude to our sponsors and funding partners that provide the key support that keeps us moving forward in effecting positive change in the arts.

AGE visionaries

Ronni LaCroute
Jayne Lovell


Audi BeavertonArtists Repertory Theatre
Angie’s List Foundation, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation
Jackson Foundation
Pacific Power Foundation

In-kind contributions

Artists Repertory Theatre
Classic Piano
Rodney Smith
Westry Wine



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