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Unconscious Bias: Achieving Gender Equity will offer a three-pronged focus on unconscious bias and gender and the role it plays in our lives and the art we create — promoting AWARENESS, stimulating TRANSFORMATION, and aiding in the creation of ACTION plans that participants may bring back to their respective organizations and communities.

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UBS 2017 Welcome Presentation & Celebration ($)
Friday, March 3, 2017; 7:30pm
PSU, Hoffman Hall
1833 SW 11th Ave

Doors open; Early registration and check in

7:30-10:00pm: Celebratory evening with Featured Speaker Michaela Watkins, Keynote Speaker Dael Orlandersmith, and LaRhonda Steele Band
Reception with wine & appetizers in the Hoffman lobby

Unconscious Bias: Achieving Gender Equity Symposium 2017 Program
Saturday, March 3, 2017
PSU, Hoffman Hall
1833 SW 11th Ave

7:30-8:30am  Registration and check in; Continental Breakfast (included in Registration)

8:30-8:45am  Welcome:  Jane Vogel, AGE / Carmen Suarez, PSU   Full Symposium

8:45-9:00am  Artistic Performance – Part 1  Jane Fellows, Ithica Tell, Chisao Hata, Andrea White, Sascha Blocker; Written & directed by Julia Bray   Full Symposium

9:00-10:00am  AWARENESS of Unconscious Gender Bias:  Barbara Diamond / Film (Captioned)   Full Symposium

10:00-10:30am  Artistic Performance – Part 2 & 3   Full Symposium

10:30-10:50am  Comfort break and TRANSITION TO SMITH MEMORIAL STUDENT UNION for Engagement Sessions
All Gender Restroom Information

PSU, Smith Memorial Student Union (2nd & 3rd floors)
1825 SW Broadway

10:50am-12:00pm  ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS – Overview
Gender Bias and the Shadow of TRANSFORMATION  Explore the shadow where bias, fear, creativity, and transformation tremble on the edge of discovery and awakening. Engagement sessions are intended to be interactive and collaborative. Facilitators will create a safe space for all voices to be heard.

Group 1:  My Voice Rises in the Shadow with Dael Orlandersmith, Trish Garner: What emerges from that place in me where I am not who others expect me to be, and am more than I can ever imagine myself to be?

Group 2:  Walk of Privilege: Count Me In  with Adrienne Nelson:  Who decides if and when I will reach the wall? Who decides if and when I will be counted in?

Group 3:  I’m Too What?  Michaela Watkins, Luisa Sermol, Ithica Tell, Todd Van Voris, Barbara Tint (facilitator):  How do I marginalize thee? Let me count the ways. My voice. Their voice.

Group 4: Under a Glass Ceiling Because . . .with Carmen Suarez, Adriana Baer, Amrita Ramanan, Dawn Monique Williams, Darleen Ortega (facilitator):  Unconscious bias lives in the vast space between what we intend and what we do. It is covered by a glass ceiling. Am I polishing the glass ceiling or preparing to sweep up the shards?

Group 5: No Limits: Writing as Liberation with Bonnie Ratner, Josie Seid:  Writing as a powerful tool for healing, re-imagining, and moving beyond the voices and old stories that hold us back.

12:00-1:00pm  Lunch Break (Box Lunch included in Registration)
All Gender Restroom Information

1:00-2:15pm  ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS – Overview
Gender Equity: Let It Begin with Me Focus on empowerment, collaboration, and co-creating new gender narratives for ourselves, our communities, our art. How will I change the paradigm that devalues the feminine? How will I say “yes” to ending the marginalization, objectification, and oppression of women? Sessions will conclude with each person completing a card that includes an Affirmation of ACTION.

Group 1: Producing Socially Conscious & Relevant Art: A Collaboration on Intersectional Gender Equity with Funders & Theatre Decision Makers with Nancy Ramirez Arriaga (Meyer Memorial Trust), Cynthia Addams (Collins Foundation),  Helen Daltoso (RACC), Dianne Riley (Social Justice Fund NW), Ronni Lacroute, Kimberly Howard (facilitator): How do we consciously include the other 51% of humanity in the equity lens?  And when?

Group 2: Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI): What does Gender Have to Do with It? with Amrita Ramanan, Daniel Pollack-Pelzner, Olga Sanchez, Dawn Monique Williams, Darleen Ortega (facilitator):  Recognizing gender as more than a postscript. DEI must consciously recognize all genders, races, sexual identities, abilities.

Group 3: Locker Room Talk & What I Wish I Would Have Said with Michaela Watkins, James Dixon, Andrea White, Heath Hyun Houghton, Jooyoung Oh (facilitator): Empowerment in the face of misogyny. How do I resist the normalization of gender bias? How do I empower the feminine and protect the arts, humanity and the planet?

Group 4: Creativity, Comedy & Catharsis: Women Can Write and Women Are Funny with Kristina Wong, Julia Bray: Creative play for humans in their quest to overpower gender bias.

2:15-2:45pm  Comfort break and TRANSITION TO HOFFMAN HALL for Full Symposium Sessions
All Gender Restroom Information

PSU, Hoffman Hall
1833 SW 11th Ave

2:45-3:45pm  The Table is Round: Beyond Typecasting • Beyond the Binary • Beyond Blind Casting
Panel discussion with Michaela Watkins, Anne-Marie Plass, Stephen Marc Beaudoin, Dael Orlandersmith, Alfie Padilla, Kristina Wong, Kimberly Howard (facilitator): Conscious, inclusive, diverse decision making and its consequences on art and humanity.   Full Symposium

3:45-4:00pm  Comfort Break
All Gender Restroom Information

4:00-5:15pm  Achieving Gender Equity: A Gender Balanced Canon
Panel discussion with Luan Schooler, Amrita Ramanan, Dawn Monique Williams, Daniel Pollack-Pelzner (facilitator): Dismantling obstacles to a gender balanced canon. How do we say YES and NOW to stories of all women, including older women, women of color, trans women, queer women, women with disabilities?   Full Symposium

5:15-5:45pm  Closing Wrap: A Call to ACTION Jane Vogel   Full Symposium

5:45-6:00pm  It’s a BOSS LADY RAP with Kristina Wong   Full Symposium

Dinner Break

Muthaland ($)
Saturday, March 4, 2017; 8:00pm
PSU, Lincoln Hall, LH115
1620 SW Park Avenue

One-woman show written and performed by Minita Gandhi / Post-show talkback
Doors open 7:30pm; General Admission Seating

Muthaland ($)
Sunday, March 5, 2017; 2:00pm

PSU, Lincoln Hall, LH115
1620 SW Park Avenue

One-woman show written and performed by Minita Gandhi / Post-show talkback
Doors open 1:30pm; General Admission Seating

UBS 2017 program subject to change

($) Available as single event for separate charge
All Symposium events will take place on the campus of Portland State University
Portland, Oregon

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