About Advance Gender Equity in the Arts

Our History

Advance Gender Equity in the Arts (AGE) was founded in 2014 by actor and activist Jane Vogel.

A passionate voice for social justice and equity causes, Vogel founded AGE in response to the marginalization, denigration, and mistreatment of women in the arts.

Created with a mission to promote consciousness, dialogue and the equal representation of women across the life span in the performing arts, AGE has quickly captured the interest and support of the Portland arts community and beyond.

Advance Gender Equity in the Arts is unique in its mission and objectives. Although many groups address gender parity and ageism, no other organization has melded gender and age into a movement with a succinct action plan for change. AGE provides recognition and monetary award incentives to theatre companies that have significant potential to affect positive change in the community.

Our Plan

Art informs culture and moves it forward. We believe that the arts must strive for the equitable, inclusive and diverse representation of all people, and that quantitative and qualitative changes are needed in the performing arts.

The arts must take leadership in equity, diversity and inclusion.

Promoting age and gender equity in the works produced and seen on stage informs a healthier and more balanced society. Experiencing stories and role models that are an honest reflection of life provides opportunity to open minds and invite awareness, respect and validation between genders and generations.

Advance Gender Equity in the Arts annually gives recognition and award incentives to Portland-metro area theatre organizations committed to parity in programming through the AGE in the Arts Awards.

By presenting recognition and awards to theatre groups that have shown proven commitment to diversity and inclusion, AGE will play a dynamic role in advancing the cause of women in the performing arts.

AGE also provides public educational opportunities and consultation to promote age and gender equity in the arts. Workshops, theatre performance talkbacks, special events, and other community events offer opportunity to address gender biases and systems that oppress women.

AGE plans to create a template for change that can be replicated nationally and internationally.

Learn about our leadership team and how you can become involved in the AGE movement for age and gender equity.