2022 ALP Grant Recipient, Diana Burbano


Beheading Columbus by Diana Burbano
Presented in partnership with Profile Theatre 
Directed by Melissa Crespo

Monday, August 5, 2024 @ 7pm
Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th Ave, Portland, 97214

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Synopsis: Beheading Columbus follows two sisters down a trail of DNA deception that makes them face race and colorism in the Latinx community and in their own family. Lana is white passing, Susi isn’t, and that’s been a point of conflict their whole life. Through DNA testing they discover that Lana has a white father. The DNA test also reveals that Susi, who is mixed race, has the genes for the Alzheimer’s that is destroying their mother. Add to that, they discover that the previously unknown other father is a fertility doctor who has sired at least 40 mixed race children. Through love and a massive sense of humor, the sisters work at decolonizing themselves from the inside out.


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empty spaces by Reneé Flemings
Presented in partnership with
Bag&Baggage Productions
Directed by Nik Whitcomb
The Vault Theatre 

April 2024

Synopsis: Mara’s already complicated life gets turned upside down when her teenage daughter Jazmine goes missing. As Mara fights through various systems in an effort to be seen and locate her missing child, we watch Jazmine’s life spiral in ways she could never imagine after she falls in with the wrong crowd in her own struggle to survive. empty spaces explores
the ways in which society responds, or doesn’t,
when a Black woman goes missing.

Listen, A Black Woman is Speaking
by Marlow Wyatt
Presented in partnership with
Third Rail Repertory Theatre 
Directed by Damaris Webb

CoHo Theatre
March 2023

Synopsis: Just two days before she is to speak at a predominantly white conservative women’s luncheon, playwright Penelope Weintraub’s characters start to consume her and force her to perpetrate the most courageous crime a Black woman can commit –speak the truth. 

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to catalyze more understanding and acceptance for our shared humanity.” 

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