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3 ALP Recipient Awards of $10,000 each 

6 ALP Finalist Awards of $1,000 each

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March 15, 2024 – May 15, 2024*

Update May 6th, 2024: *Due to an influx of submissions over the past week, we have reached our capacity for submissions. We will no longer be accepting applications for this year’s Grants. AGE thanks you in advance for your understanding. 



September 2024



  • Identify as BIPOC
  • 40+ years of age
  • Identify as a person of marginalized gender or gender-diverse.  We use the terms “marginalized gender” or “gender-diverse” to refer to our community of members who experience marginalization due to their genders. This includes cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, non-binary people, among many other marginalized gender identities. Please note- marginalized gender is not the same as a marginalized person, nor does it relate to sexuality.
  • Identify as an emerging artist.  Emerging means that the playwright has had no more than one play fully produced in one or more professional theatre(s). Readings and workshop productions are exempt.
  • Have an original draft of a full length play completed at the time of application; while not necessary, it is highly encouraged that the script have at least one principal character who is a BIPOC person of marginalized gender, 40+ years of age. Special consideration will be given to plays that fulfill this suggestion.
  • Live and work in the United States or Puerto Rico and are able to submit a W9 if chosen as a Finalist or Recipient.


  • Applicant meets all eligibility criteria.
  • Applicant submits all materials and information within the timeframe of the ALP grant submission and review process.
  • Applicant demonstrates a strong desire to not only achieve success as a playwright, but to disrupt the current American theatre canon rooted in white patriarchal norms.
  • Applicants will submit a draft of their full script, and additionally submit the specific 10 pages they want reviewed in the first round of the application process.
  • Applicants are reviewed, in addition to their play submission, on their motivation, commitment, and dedication as a playwright to impact the equity landscape of American theatre. The focus of the review is both on the artist and their play, knowing that their writing is one of many drafts and efforts yet to be birthed in their playwriting career.

We acknowledge and honor that any selection process is subjective and imperfect. We will work with this in mind and do our best to mitigate any bias or harm.  Applicants will be reviewed on their motivation, commitment, and dedication as a playwright to impact the equity framework of American theatre.  Applicants may also be adjudicated on their body of work, and potential for lasting impact in the theatre industry.  We hope to amplify emerging artists who have a clearly defined sense of self as a theatremaker.  We recognize that all applicants, despite varying years of training and/or experience,  are all still in the process of honing their skill, learning new things, and working toward mastery.  We also recognize that mastery is defined by whatever the definition is for them and their journey.

“AGE wants to be curative and healing in our relationship with grant recipients. That means respecting our recipients’ dignity and judgment in using the funds towards realizing their goals. We are giving fully and freely, knowing that our recipients will make the world a better place. Together, we are doing something that seldom happens in a world still struggling to find pathways to equity.” -Jane Mantiri, AGE Founder

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